#Dice4Masks Supporting our Health Care Workers

I have partnered with Cerebus Supplies to sell their #Dice4Masks Mystery Sets, every one of these products sold goes towards purchasing more masks for our Health Care workers during the pandemic. Healthcare workers are on the front lines keeping us safe. With your help, we can return the favor! The reusable, resealable bag includes a […]

Rotation Guide 2021 Part 4: Cosmic Eclipse & Promos

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Bath TCG blog. Today, we have the final part of this year’s guide to rotation, where we’ll be looking at Cosmic Eclipse, as well as all of the significant Promo cards that are rotating as well. What cards will you be missing the most, and which ones are […]

Rotation Guide 2021 Part 3: Unified Minds & Hidden Fates

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Bath TCG blog. With only a week until rotation, I’m sure many of you will be well underway with your binder sorting. Today, we’re going to be looking at Unified Minds, the world’s set, which brought some of the most powerful Pokémon and trainer cards we have ever […]

6 Ways Evolving Skies Will Change Standard

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Bath TCG Blog. Today we’ll be taking a look at the most impactful cards from the new Evolving Skies expansion, and how they will affect the format going forwards. With this year’s rotation now only two weeks away, we’ll only be taking a look at these cards with […]

Rotation Guide 2021 Part 2: Unbroken Bonds

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Bath TCG blog. Today we have part two of our guide to this year’s rotation, covering the Unbroken Bonds expansion. This was arguably the most impactful out of all the TagTeam sets, with a number of meta-warping cards being released in this expansion. Want to find out which […]

Rotation Guide 2021 Part 1: Team Up & Detective Pikachu

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Bath TCG Blog. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be taking a look at all of the cards that will be leaving the standard format on Friday 10th September. We’ll be starting with Team Up, the set that introduced TagTeam Pokémon to the world. There is also one […]

Top 5 Theme Decks for PTCGO in 2021

With the recent release of the Blastoise V and Venusaur V Battle Decks alongside Battle Styles, and with more due in the future, it seems as though Theme Decks are now a thing of the past. Whilst they never see play in a competitive sense, there is an entire format dedicated to them on the […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 4: Dragon Majesty, Promos and Lost Thunder

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part 4 of my guide to this year’s rotation. Today, to celebrate the recent rotation taking effect, we’ve got a bumper edition! We’ll be covering the mini-set Dragon Majesty, the Sun and Moon Promo cards, and the first half of the final set to rotate, Lost Thunder. Let’s dive […]

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