#Dice4Masks Supporting our Health Care Workers

I have partnered with Cerebus Supplies to sell their #Dice4Masks Mystery Sets, every one of these products sold goes towards purchasing more masks for our Health Care workers during the pandemic. Healthcare workers are on the front lines keeping us safe. With your help, we can return the favor! The reusable, resealable bag includes a […]

Darkness Ablaze: All the other V’s and Important Pokemon

I’m back with the continuation of my analysis of the Darkness Ablaze and with some early pre-release kits being opened we now know the rest of the V’s we are getting in the set. We will also be looking at some key non-V Pokemon in this new set. Houndoom V [R] Searing Flame: 20 damage. […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 2: Forbidden Light

Welcome back to part 2 of my complete guide to this years rotation. Today we’re looking at Forbidden Light, a set that still sees many of its cards played in Standard. In particular, the set was renowned for two things: Ultra Beast cards, and Squids… Let’s take a look! Pheromosa An interesting tech card, Pheromosa […]

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