Darkness Ablaze: All the other V’s and Important Pokemon

I’m back with the continuation of my analysis of the Darkness Ablaze and with some early pre-release kits being opened we now know the rest of the V’s we are getting in the set. We will also be looking at some key non-V Pokemon in this new set. Houndoom V [R] Searing Flame: 20 damage. […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 2: Forbidden Light

Welcome back to part 2 of my complete guide to this years rotation. Today we’re looking at Forbidden Light, a set that still sees many of its cards played in Standard. In particular, the set was renowned for two things: Ultra Beast cards, and Squids… Let’s take a look! Pheromosa An interesting tech card, Pheromosa […]

Kyan calls on the 108 spirits as he takes on Reading League Cup

Last Sunday I played Spiritomb for Reading’s League Cup. It was the first time I played the deck at a competitive event but after testing in the weeks before I found it as a meta viable deck, which I enjoyed playing. Here’s my list I used: Pokémon (21) Trainers (29) Energy (10) 4x Jirachi (TEU […]

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