Rotation Guide 2020 Part 4: Dragon Majesty, Promos and Lost Thunder Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part 4 of my guide to this year’s rotation. Today, to celebrate the recent rotation taking effect, we’ve got a bumper edition! We’ll be covering the mini-set Dragon Majesty, the Sun and Moon Promo cards, and the first half of the final set to rotate, Lost Thunder. Let’s dive […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 3: Celestial Storm

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part 3 of my guide this year’s rotation. Today, we’re looking at ‘the worlds set’, Celestial Storm, a set which has many impactful cards which are still being played in many Tier 1 archetypes today. Sceptile First up, we have Sceptile, a Pokémon with a powerful ability. Unfortunately, Power […]

Items and Tools of Darkness Ablaze

With build and battle boxes now available in most stores and pre-orders for the set available, I continue look at Darkness Ablaze and now with the trainers it brings. The set gives us 17 new trainers and three new special energy cards, first let’s look at the new items being added. Big Parasol If the […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 2: Forbidden Light

Welcome back to part 2 of my complete guide to this years rotation. Today we’re looking at Forbidden Light, a set that still sees many of its cards played in Standard. In particular, the set was renowned for two things: Ultra Beast cards, and Squids… Let’s take a look! Pheromosa An interesting tech card, Pheromosa […]

#Dice4Masks Supporting our Health Care Workers

I have partnered with Cerebus Supplies to sell their #Dice4Masks Mystery Sets, every one of these products sold goes towards purchasing more masks for our Health Care workers during the pandemic. Healthcare workers are on the front lines keeping us safe. With your help, we can return the favor! The reusable, resealable bag includes a […]

Bath TCG – Breaks and Razzes

Facebook is home to many wonderful groups, especially Pokemon Groups and Selling Groups for card games! However, one of my favourite types of groups are Breaks and Razz groups! So much so, we now have our own! What is a Break and a Razz you ask? Well, a Razz is essentially a raffle. You purchase […]

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