How did Team Mewbies happen?

Hey everyone – Bryony here, AKA MewTube!

Bath TCG has very kindly agreed to sponsor us as a team, along with Rebel Games, and we’re super excited to have them aboard our journey! Bath TCG has also gone the extra mile and helped us set up a webpage and blog, and I thought what better for a first blog post than to talk about the origins of the team!

A few months back, over on my Discord server, I’d mentioned how I love playing the TCG when at prereleases and I also played with theme decks on PTCGO (hence the series ‘The Hunt for the Best Theme Deck’ on my YouTube channel!). However, I’d never had an interest in getting into competitive play because of the price and seeming complexity in building a deck.

Justin (now one of the members of the team!) showed me his Green Baby Blowns deck, and after a quick look, I realised this deck wouldn’t be expensive to build at all. I figured I’d first try and build the deck on the online game to make sure it’s a deck I’d enjoy playing – it was and it’ll definitely stick with me as one of my favourite decks to play!

It soon became apparent that there were a few others in the server who were also interested in starting to play competitively, as well as some experienced players who’d be interested in joining a team. Jacob (also now a team member) suggested the name ‘Team Mewbies’ – a spin on MewTube and the TCG n00bs some of us are!

So far the team dynamic has been working extremely well – we’ve already participated in several online tournaments, such as the Limitless Qualifiers and The Sunday Open. Our scores have been improving throughout, especially for those of us who are n00bs, and we have our experienced teammates to thank for all the help, support and advice!

We’re looking forward to continuing to participate in online tournaments, but we’re especially excited to start playing together as a team at leagues and cups! To keep up to date with the team and our blog posts, be sure to like our Facebook page follow us on Twitter!

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