Rotation Guide 2020 Part 4: Dragon Majesty, Promos and Lost Thunder Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part 4 of my guide to this year’s rotation. Today, to celebrate the recent rotation taking effect, we’ve got a bumper edition! We’ll be covering the mini-set Dragon Majesty, the Sun and Moon Promo cards, and the first half of the final set to rotate, Lost Thunder. Let’s dive […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 3: Celestial Storm

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part 3 of my guide this year’s rotation. Today, we’re looking at ‘the worlds set’, Celestial Storm, a set which has many impactful cards which are still being played in many Tier 1 archetypes today. Sceptile First up, we have Sceptile, a Pokémon with a powerful ability. Unfortunately, Power […]

Rotation Guide 2020 Part 2: Forbidden Light

Welcome back to part 2 of my complete guide to this years rotation. Today we’re looking at Forbidden Light, a set that still sees many of its cards played in Standard. In particular, the set was renowned for two things: Ultra Beast cards, and Squids… Let’s take a look! Pheromosa An interesting tech card, Pheromosa […]

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